Drug Rehab Center Knoxville Tennessee

In 1974, a group of concerned adults and professionals felt a need for an agency dedicated to substance abusers who were motivated to recover and function productively. The group founded a public, non-profit corporation, Alcoholism Services of Knoxville Inc., to operate Midway Rehabilitation Center.

A high-quality, comprehensive in-patient program was designed to assist individuals who have made a commitment to remain sober, develop an improved lifestyle, and become contributing members of the community.

In 1981, Midway was granted a federal contract to serve individuals transitioning back into the mainstream of society after experiencing legal consequences. With the completion of a new office building in 1988, Midway began outpatient services to apply the same high-quality programs for individuals in the community.

In 2000, Midway implemented a comprehensive business drug testing and education program. The quality of the professional staff and management team speaks to the longevity of Midway.

Midway Rehabilitation Center is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health as a substance abuse treatment center for residential and outpatient treatment. Midway Rehabilitation Center cannot release any information about current or upcoming residents. Midway Rehabilitation Center follows HIPPA Regulations due to licensing requirements.

Effective Alcohol Rehab Center Knoxville

Meet Our Staff


President: Hon. Judge Clarence Pridemore Jr.

Vice President: Melissa Drinnon

Secretary: Sandra Arrowood


Teri Combs

Jim Galli

Michael Glassman

Beverly Keith

Charlotte Klieman

Joesph Levitt

Jeff Miller

Donna Mitchell

Pat Polis

Michael Richards

Mary Lee Rumage

Allison Sexton

William Shupe

Angel Tapia

Robert White

Lynne Worthington


Monica Tillery, Executive Director

William Pappas, Executive Assistant Director

Denise Quince, Program Compliance Coordinator, MIS, PREA Coordinator