The Path To Change

Our Mission

At Midway Rehabilitation Center, our mission is to assist individuals who have made a commitment to remain sober, develop an improved lifestyle, and become contributing members of the community. We operate on a basic two-point philosophy:

(1) individuals are responsible for their behavior


(2) they have the have the ability to change their behavior.

Drug Rehab Center Knoxville

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Alcohol Rehab Center Knoxville TN

About Midway Rehabilitation Center

Drug Rehab Center Knoxville TN

Founded in 1974, Midway Rehabilitation Center is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health as a substance abuse treatment center for both residential and outpatient treatment.

Since 1981, we have been federally contracted as a drug rehab center in Knoxville, TN to serve those individuals transitioning back into mainstream society following legal consequences. We offer a high-quality, comprehensive in-patient program, and are now able to offer a similar program of outpatient services to help individuals living in the community.